Muscle Monkey - S/S 18 Hand Made Typographic Print
A hand painted typographic print I created for the British Gymwear label, Muscle Monkey.
I was approached by the brand to do a grunge text style design featuring the words 'Only the strong survive'. After going down the usual route of sourcing similar style fonts but not finding anything that hit the mark, I decided to hand paint the text myself to achieve the desired look the client was going for. I achieved this styling by sticking a piece of paper to a wall and then painting each letter one by one with runny ink so that the drips would run off the letters and really give the piece that grunge look. I then photographed the letters individually with my phone and imported them into illustrator where I used image trace to make the letters vector shapes. Once I had that done it was simply a case of combining the individual letters together to create the phrase and a cohesive typographic print.

A few variations of the vest were created too. One styling featuring the full phrase and another featuring just parts of the brush painted letters.